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When your computer isn't running at its optimal performance or isn't even running at all; but, you have no idea what's wrong, we will find out the problem for you! We will also perform a full system analysis. We will give any recommendations concluded from the system analysis and give you a grade sheet of your system's overall health. The diagnostic cost is a flat fee of $45 + tax


Have something go wrong with your PC? We will happily fix it for you! Offering low rates and quality service we will give you a quality experience that will leave you happy! Don't take our word for it? All repairs are covered under a 30 day warranty on repairs rendered by us! (Accidental Damage is not covered)



Is your PC running loud, hot, or experienced slow downs over time? When was the last time you got all the dust out of your system? If your answer is "over 6 months ago" it is highly likely that you need a PC cleaning. This service includes getting the dust out of your computer, and any other cleanings that may need to be done. This service is a flat fee of $35 + tax



A PC reset wipes the computer of all its data and settings. It essentially gives the user a fresh start with their system. This service is a flat fee of $35 + tax.



We will unpack and set up your computer or device, including any computer peripherals like a mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc. install any basic programs like a web browser, and setup a printer if you have one! After everything is all setup, we will run a check to make sure all the software is up-to-date out of the box!



Experiencing popups, adware, malware, or other unwanted programs? You probably have a virus(es). For $60 + tax we will run 2 different anti-virus programs, a clean-up tool, HDD defragging software (if applicable) and other necessary cleanup methods.


Is some of your hardware going out of date? Need to upgrade but don't want to spend all that money on a new system? Tell us what parts you want to upgrade and we will happily comply!



Getting pesky notices on your computer about driver updates, but not sure how to update? With our service we will ensure all your drivers/system software is up-to-date. This service only applies to system software/hardware drivers. This service is not valid for OS upgrades (See Windows OS Upgrade below). The flat rate for this service is $30 + tax



Keeping your OS up-to-date is very critical to your system's performance and security. If you're running an older version of windows that's no longer supported, we advise that you upgrade. We will also install all necessary drivers, software updates. The labor for this service is $60 + tax

*Price does not include the key. If you do not have a key, we can purchase one on your behalf. We charge retail price for the keys which as of 10/19/19 is $140 + tax for a Home Edition key. ($200 + tax for Pro key)



Inside of your PC case unorganized, but don't want the hassle of doing the cable management yourself? For $45 + tax we will perform a full cable management service on your PC so the inside looks cluster free!



Need another type of PC service but you don't see it listed here? Don't sweat! Contact us with your inquiry.